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In our Private Akut Kalp Damar Hospital; quality activities are carried out by all our employees under the leadership of Quality Management Directorate.

Our main theme is SAFETY HOSPITAL;

Data acquisition and analysis of the Quality System in Health, which constitutes the planning in accordance with the SKS-HOSPITAL issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, is carried out with the continuous IMPROVEMENT approach in quality.

Application Evaluation Committees;

In accordance with the SKS-HOSPITAL standard published by T.C Ministry of Health in our Private Akut Kalp Damar Hospital,

Blood Transfusion Committee,

Patient Safety Committee,

Employee Health and Safety Committee,

Training Committee,

Facility Safety Committee,

Infection Control Committee,

And other committees under the title of the hospital were established. Our committees meet according to the SKS-HOSPITAL standard and within the given time periods and take decisions to improve the quality of health in our hospital. The efficiency analyses of our committee activities are conducted at the end of each year and shared with the senior management.

Management of our Indicators;

In our Private Akut Kalp Damar Hospital; Indicator subjects and targets related to the field of activity and practices of our hospital have been determined in order to measure the adequacy of the services we provide and compliance with the criteria in the standards of T.C. Ministry of Health. Indicators; measured at certain intervals. The measurement results are analysed by the department physician and department responsible. These results are shared with senior management. Necessary improvements are planned and implemented. These results are shared with the Ministry on the web page.

Evaluation of Opinions and Suggestions;

Patient satisfaction surveys; According to the Ministry of Health Satisfaction survey guide, T.C.

For our patients; We have the opportunity to fill out online surveys. The results obtained are evaluated by the quality unit.

Employee satisfaction surveys are conducted in the tranches specified in the Survey Implementation Guide published by the Ministry of Health. The analyses are shared with the senior management.

Security reporting system was established in our hospital. When there is a negativity in patient and employee safety, notifications are taken and resolved by root cause analysis.

Emergency Codes and Drills;

As an emergency code system;

• Blue Code,

• White Code,

There is a Red Code application for the determination of fire preparedness. Tested once a year with exercises.

Emergency and disaster applications;

In our hospital, we have plans prepared in accordance with the regulations and guidelines issued by the law regulator regarding the actions to be taken in case of disasters. Plans; is supported with desk and field exercises once a year.

Patient Rights and Communication Practices;

We have a patient rights unit and are accessible for the protection and maintenance of patient rights.


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