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Cardiovascular surgery

Cardiovascular surgery


Coronary by-pass Surgery:
Surgical treatment of obstructed arteries in coronary arteries feeding heart.
 In our clinic, coronary artery bypass surgery can be safely performed by our experienced team using advanced technology.
 Considering the medical conditions of the patients, open heart surgery is performed in the heart by stopping the heart or discarding it.
 Especially elderly; a high success rate was obtained with a by-pass operation in the heart, 
in which the lung and kidney function were impaired and the heart functions were impaired.

Aortic valve disease surgery:
In cases of stenosis and insufficiency that occur in the aortic valve, repair or replacement of the valve (aortic valve replacement)
 is performed in our clinic with an open operation in accordance with the indications of the operation. 
In addition, TAVI procedure applied to the patient with aortic stenosis without open surgery with the catheter method of inguinality
 which is a developing method in recent years has been successfully applied by our experienced team trained abroad in our clinic.
 The TAVI method is recommended for patients who are at high risk to remove open surgery for aortic valve closure.
 Otherwise, this method can be applied to patients with any disability for open surgery. 
Patients with advanced elderly, lung, liver, or renal dysfunction in this regard are considered to be at high risk
 for open surgery before they have undergone other open heart surgery.

Aortic Aneurysm Surgery:
The aorta is the main artery from the heart of the vein, which is enlarged due to the disturbance in its structure.
 In these patients, the danger increases as the enlargement increases.
 In case of the risk of explosion in the ascending veins, this ballooning part replacement operation can be performed
 in our clinic with surgical treatment if necessary. In our high-risk group of patients with coronary heart disease,
 high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and various lung diseases, as well as open surgical technique,
 the endovascular method of repairing the ballooning vessel (endovascular) is performed successfully by our experienced
 surgeon in our clinic, the patients return to their lives without being exposed to a major surgical procedure
 and for a short time in the hospital.

Mitral Valve Surgery:
Mitral valve diseases are a frequent group of heart valve disease especially in our country and stenosis
 or insufficiency of the valve may occur. The disease may vary according to stenosis or failure.
 Surgical treatment of mitral valve disease is the repair or replacement of the lid.
 The repair surgeon is preferred on younger mothers who do not have a child,
 often in a manner that is not intact and the shape of the cover is appropriate. 
The removed mitral valve is replaced with a metal valve or biological valve.

Peripheral Arterial Disease Surgery:
In particular, occasional occlusions can occur in the thorax of the neck, in the arterial arteries,
 and in the arterial veins leading to the arm, especially when the arteries that go to both feet are frequent.
 Surgery can be performed in our clinic, especially in smokers, diabetics, patients with high blood lipids,
 diseases in advanced age groups and the necessity of these diseases.
 Again, these patients are treated successfully with stents by entering thin wires through the groin without surgery and in our clinic.

Varicose surgery:
The varicose veins, which are curved, irregular enlargements that occur in the bladder veins,
 cause swelling, cramps and tiredness in the feet as well as cosmetic problems.
 If necessary treatment is not performed, it will cause a traumatic injury.
 In our clinic, surgical treatment for varicose veins can be done as well as cosmetic surgery and laser sclerotherapy is applied
 without leaving scars on the foot. In both laser treatment and thin-needle therapy (sclerotherapy), patients return quickly to their lives
 without having to stay in the hospital.

A-V Fistula Surgery for Hemodialysis:
These operations are performed in our clinic for the comfortable usage of dialysis due to chronic kidney disease.