Dokuz Eylül Mahallesi 343/1 Sokak No:6 Gaziemir / İzmir

Visitor and Accompanying Code


Visitor Rules
Our hospital visits patients every day between "---" hours.
For the health of our patients and the inability of their treatment to work, the scentful food and drinks brought from outside are not accepted.
Families are informed about the fact that children under the age of 12 are not visiting patients because of the risk of infection in our hospital and the psychological adverse effects of the children.
Patients should not sit in patient beds if they do not use the patient's equipment to guard against the risk of acquiring an infection.
In our hospital, other patients receiving treatment should be careful not to enter more than three visits to the patient room from the comfort of the patient room, and not make any noise.
During the treatment and examination procedures of our patients, it is expected that they will take care of patient privacy by leaving the room.
We are asked not to insist on a visit if the visit was forbidden by the physician for medical reasons.
In order to protect our patients from infection, grounded flowers are not accepted in patient rooms.
It is strictly forbidden for our visitors to smoke inside the hospital and outside the areas designated by the hospital management.
Intensive Care Visitor Rules
Visits in ICU. In special cases, a short visit can be made with the permission of the department doctor.

Food and beverages are not accepted for Intensive Care Units.
Visiting during the visit is expected to comply with Intensive Care Entry Rules.
Please contact our physician for information about your patient in Intensive Care.
Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to enter intensive care units for visits.
Accompanying Code
Appropriate conditions have been established for the stay of the escorts in our hospital.
Intensive Care There is no companion practice at our unit.
Your doctor will advise you as to whether a companion is necessary.
Accompanies are expected to comply with all the rules of our hospital.
Accompanying persons are expected to help their patients only to the extent permitted by the physician and the nurse.
It is forbidden for the companion to have any practice other than the knowledge of the doctors and nurses in terms of the safety of the patient.